Scenarios – based on mission scenarios and current space flight parameters

Scenario development looks at established mission scenarios and develops innovative applications for solar-sintered lunar infrastructure elements; also considered is State-of-the-Art Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology. LSG, COMEX and Bollinger & Grohmann develop an infrastructural CONCEPT rooted in roadmaps; International Space Exploration Coordination Group ISECC roadmap 2013, ESA Space Exploration Strategy, Lunar Surface Missions – Human and Robotic Surface Activities.

Mission Scenario – Phase 1 considers the necessary equipment to support a short-term mission. It includes lander, RegoBots, Habitat and Rover; the minimum number of components required to begin construction of a RegoLight-designed-lunar habitat using RegoLight-sintering technology.

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Scenario – Phase 1 – short term mission

Mission Scenario – Phase 2 considers the fabrication of a lunar habitat that can be used in long term missions. Utilizing the RegoLight-designed interlocking-building-element, the shape of the habitat can be modulated. The design enables a structurally sound architecture that can withstand the loads present on the Moon and can be extended to accommodate a growing number of modules.


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Phase 2 – Long-term mission construction. Pictured top, is a single habitat module. Pictured below, is an architectural extension of the construction system, supporting both habitat and laboratory modules.  Design of the lunar base uses the Tetrahedron-type building element.

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Scenario – Phase 2 – long-term mission

Mission Scenario – Phase 3 considers the extension and multiplication of the RegoLight system to accommodate a Moon village.

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Scenario – Phase 3 – Moon village