Paper: Influence of Mineral Composition on Sintering Lunar Regolith

Journal of Aerospace Engineering · February 2017

DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)AS.1943-5525.0000721

Authors: A. Meurisse; J. C. Beltzung; M. Kolbe; A. Cowley, M. Sperl


The authors investigate mechanical properties of sintered lunar regolith. Using JSC-1A and DNA lunar simulants, they study the influence of changes in glass content, main plagioclase series, and ilmenite content on a defined sintering process and on the mechanical properties of resulting sintered samples. Ilmenite addition up to 20 wt% of the regolith showed a negligible effect on the sintered product. The anorthite plagioclase endmember cannot be replaced by albite, responsible for the low sintering temperature of DNA and covering up the effect of the glass phase. The vacuum environment was revealed to have a positive effect on JSC-1A sintering: the grains bond at lower temperature than in air, thus preventing the formation of additional porosity and increasing the compression strength up to 152 MPa compared with only 98 MPa for sintering JSC-1A in air.


Paper: Solar 3D Printing of Lunar Regolith

European Lunar Symposium 2016

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Authors: Alexandre Meurisse , Aidan Cowley , Samantha Cristoforetti , Advenit Makaya, Laurent Pambaguian and Matthias Sperl


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