EC Review Meeting, Cologne, DLR, 02.02.2017

The European Commission (EC) review meeting was conducted on the 2nd of February at the DRL Campus in Cologne, Germany.

Partner presentations covered the progress achieved in the themes:

  • JSC-2A lunar dust simulant + technique of solar sintering (DLR / Space Applications)
  • Hardware, Regolith feeder, x,y,z table, software (DLR / Space Applications)
  • Scenarios – based on mission scenarios and current space flight parameters (LSG / COMEX)
  • Interlocking building element (LSG / COMEX / Bollinger & Grohmann)
  • Structural analysis for the printed test elements (Bollinger & Grohmann)

Please see a separate news item for each RegoLight theme.


Photo: RegoLight team at EC review meeting in Cologne, February 2017